** Currently, we only perform health certificate exams on dogs and cats belonging to our established clients **

All health certificate appointments are made 10 days within travel. Please call the front desk to make an appointment for a health certificate exam. Once the appointment is made, please submit the questionnaire below as soon as possible prior to your appointment. Occasionally, airlines require clients to obtain statements of acclimation from their veterinarian for pets traveling in cargo. These statements are used to allow airlines to ship pets when the airline cannot guarantee compliance with animal welfare regulations. Our doctors will NOT sign any acclimation forms or make any statements of acclimation on the health certificate. It will be the owner’s responsibility to find another veterinarian that can provide this service; we will not provide any referrals.

It is recommended that your pet be on current flea and heartworm preventative during travel. Several parts of the United States have a high incidence of heartworm disease; your pet can acquire these heart parasites from a mosquito bite leading to severe complications or death. Your pet will need an in-house heartworm test during their health certificate exam prior to starting any heartworm preventatives.

The following website contains heartworm incidence maps for the United States: https://heartwormsociety.org/

Health Certificate Questionnaire