About AHCC

We treat your pet as one of our own, ensuring that your pet receives the best possible care at all times. We are a full-service animal clinic loca
ted in Eagle Rock, California serving companion animals and exotics. We provide complete veterinary, and boarding services in a comfortable and pet-friendly environment. Read more

Flea Protection

It is that perfect time of year for you and your pets to enjoy the outdoors. To exclude any unwanted guests from your summer activities, it is important to keep all your pets on flea preventative. This includes your indoor-only feline friends as fleas can easily hitch a free ride on your pants or shoes and into your home. Read more

Heat stroke - Prevention is key

During these hot and humid days, it is important to remember that we need to keep our pets cool and comfortable. Increased environmental temperatures or humidity can lead to heatstroke, defined as an increase of the core body temperature over 106 degrees farenheit. Read more

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